🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

Tutorial: How to trade Reddit Avatars on OnePlanet?

Follow this step by step tutorial to send your Reddit Avatars to MetaMask, and start trading on OnePlanet!

How to import your Vault to your MetaMask

Your ‘Vault’ is an wallet to keep your Collectibles. You need to import your Vault to MetaMask in order to trade on OnePlanet marketplace.
Open Reddit App and click your profile (*Vault is accessible only through mobile app)
Go to ‘Vault’ menu and press the three dots •••
(※ If you don’t see ‘Vault’ menu, go to ‘Your Stuff’ page where you first created your vault.)
Go to ‘Recovery Phrase’ page and copy your twelve-word Recovery Phrase. (※ Please keep this phrase safe, you can’t backup your Vault when you lose this.)
The address under the Profile is your Vault wallet address.
The address under the Recovery Phrase is your Private Key.
Install and open MetaMask
Click [Import using Secret Recovery Phrase]
Switch to Polygon Network (How to add Polygon Network)
If you connect MetaMask to OnePlanet, you will now see your Avatar on your Collected Page!

How to Trade on OnePlanet

Now, go to to list, sell and buy more Collectibles!


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