🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

Connecting Wallet to OnePlanet

Connect Wallet

If you are new to OnePlanet, please connect your wallet to the website.

Step 1. Click wallet icon on the right top side of the website, and select “MetaMask”.

Step 2. Enter verification code (when required)

Verify Address
To fully utilize OnePlanet’s service such as buying and selling NFTs, you might need to verify your address. This operation is necessary for verifying that the user is eligible as the owner of the address. This work only happens once, and additional gas fee is not required.
What should I do if I can’t connect my wallet to OnePlanet?
It might happen because of a misconnection between the web browser and the wallet extension program. Please try the following methods:
Check if your wallet is connected to Polygon Mainnet, not other networks.
Check if your browser and wallet extension is the latest version. If not, please update them.
Try deleting the web browser cache and reaccessing the browser.
Check if there is any problem with the security program, ad blocks, or extensions.
Try connecting other desktop browsers such as Chrome.
If the problem regarding wallet connection persists, please inquire OnePlanet via OnePlanet Help Center.