🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

v. 2.1.0

FEATURE Notification Feature is live
Notification function is implemented for the better user experience.
Notification for Items for Listing / Offer being expired or being sold to be sent
Notifcation for Invalid Event (‘Selling / Tranfer’ of NFTs or changes in the owner due to ‘Offering Accept’ of listed NFTs in other marketplaces & Offer being deactivated due to insufficient balance) are sent to users to manage the event on [My Page] - Ongoing Tab
[도입 완료 사항]
Listing related Notification
Listing Expired
Listing Sold
Listing Invalidated
Listing Revalidated
Offer related Notification
Offer Received
Offer Expired
Offer Accepted
Offer Invalidated
FEATURE [Collection List Page] ‘New’ Sorting option added
Enable the sorting by recently listed collections on OnePlanet Marketplace
FIXED Application Error / Tx Fail Issue when trying to ‘Accept Offer’