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v. 2.5.0

FEATURE Notifications for ERC-1155 Updated
Now we have notifications for ERC-1155, just like all the ERC-721 trading activities
The quantity of ERC-1155 NFTs being traded is shown on the Notification, which you can easily check how many of your NFTs, in what price has been sold.
In the case of ERC-1155, ‘Invalid Event’ can happen often as there could be a number of overlapping ‘Transfer’ or ‘Offer Accept’ within the collected supply. Do not miss the invalidated listings or offer activities with our Notification feature.
FEATURE Notification for ERC-721 NFT Lock
For ERC-721 NFTs of in-game items, you cannot trade the items when the items are being used in the game. According NFTs will be ‘Locked’ on OnePlanet, and the notifications will be sent.
With ‘Lock’ Notification, users can easily check un-tradable ‘Locked’ NFTs among the collected ones. Notification also notifies when the NFTs get ‘unlocked’ and can be traded.
When a listed NFT gets invalidated by being ‘Locked’, the notification shows ‘Item has been locked’ and ’Listing has been invalidated. Please check your Ongoing page.' message. Users can avoid any unintended trading by checking the notification and updating the status.
FEATURE SoulBound Token (SBT) Integration
Soulbound Token (SBT) is a non-transferrable Token, the holder is not able to transfer the ownership of the NFT once it is collected. Therefore, SBT can be a powerful means of verifying the owner’s identity or history, or even an identity itself.
OnePlanet now supports SBT. Users can check their SBT on the collection’s Detail Page or My Page.
As SBT cannot be traded, the Detail Page does not show the trading buttons and only shows the details of the NFT.
Check out OnePlanet’s first SBT collection,TOWER Achievement Badge (2022.11.30)
‘TOWER Achievement Badge NFTs’ cannot be transferred or traded.
Join OnePlanet X TOWER SBT Event: OnePlanet-SBT Airdrop Event (~2022.12.31)
This SBT serves as a Proof of the “OnePlanet x TOWER” royal club member. The holders can take advantage of exclusive perks and access, provided by OnePlanet and TOWER in the future.