🪐 GuideMap (EN)

v. 2.3.0

FEATURE Support of ERC-1155 NFT
We now support ERC-1155 NFT You can now find both ERC-721 / ERC-1155 standards on OnePlanet
What distinguishes ERC-1155 from ERC-721 is that it is a multi-token standard, which means the supply of an NFT can be more than one. Try buying ERC-1155 NFT as many as you want, which can be applied to in-game items or community membership NFTs.
The details for updates are as follows.
Choose the quantity on Buy / Make Offer / Sell / Transfer When buying, making offer, selling or transferring ERC-1155 NFT, you can set the amount of NFTs you want.
[NFT Detail Page] Buy / Sell Toggle Added ERC-1155 NFT Detail Page consists of Buy / Sell Page. If you own the ERC-1155 NFTs, use Buy / Sell toggle to access the page of your choice.
[NFT Detail Page] ‘Listings’ Tab Added There is ‘Listing’ tab on ERC-1155 NFT Detail Page, where you can check other users or your own listing history. You can also buy the NFTs on the listing orders, and edit or cancel your own listing.
FEATURE NFT Lock Application
For NFTs of in-game items, you cannot trade the items when the items are being used in the game.
If your owned or listed NFTs are locked, you can see a lock badge on [Collection Detail Page], [NFT Detail Page], or [My Page]. The locked listing will get invalid, which will not appear among listed items, and the listed price will not be reflected on the Floor Price.
For more informations on Locked NFT, please check the FAQ Page: What are Locked NFTs?
FEATURE ‘Project’ Page for Multiple Collections
If there are multiple collections within a project, we provide a ‘Project’ page to view all the collections in a single page.
The details for ‘Project’ Page are as follows.
[’Collections’ Page] Different UI for ‘Project’
We provide following UI for Project to distinguish the page from other single collections. The item supply of the project are also reflected on the UI.
[Project Detail Page] ‘NFTs’, ‘Collections’ Tab
‘NFTs’ tab shows all NFTs in the Project, and ‘Collections’ tab shows all collections under the Project. The setting for which tab appears as a default can be chosen by the project side.
You may check the Project Pages of Reddit Collectible Avatars and Seoul Fashion Hub on OnePlanet (22.11.22)