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How to Trade with $TOWER

About $TOWER

$TOWER is an ERC-20 fungible utility token for the TOWER Ecosystem, currently it could be earned through Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-Earn campaigns.
Utilities include: purchase NFTs from the ecosystem, purchase mobile game items from Crazy Defense Heroes, NFT fusions etc.
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 How to get $TOWER?

You must hold at least 1 TOWER Battle card NFT to join the tower franchise's latest play to earn events such as Avatar XP Gain and Daily Star Chest (Of course, more cards - more rewards!) Read more about exclusive events for holders Get TOWER Battle Card on OnePlanet
Swap $MATIC to $TOWER on TOWER Website
Check CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko for trading pairs of $TOWER on various exchanges

 How to Trade NFTs with $TOWER on OnePlanet?

OnePlanet only supports trading of TOWER Battle Cards and TOWER Treasury NFTs exclusively with $TOWER Token.
Buying, Selling and Making offers are all only possible with $TOWER
Check out the detail how to trade on OnePlanet on our Guidemap


How to see $TOWER Token balance on OnePlanet?
Click Add Currency on Wallet Dropdown to add $TOWER token.
※ This is only for checking the balance on OnePlanet, and buying and selling NFTs with $TOWER does not require this process.
Do I have to pay gas fees with $TOWER?
No, the gas fees will be paid with $MATIC