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RandomBox Reveal Tutorial

OnePlanet strives to accelerate the growth of NFT projects as a one-stop platform, providing tools to utilize NFTs during every stage of the project Therefore, OnePlanet introduces Reveal function within our platform! The following RandomBox Reveal process applies to every collection that uses OnePlanet Marketplace’s Reveal function.

  How to Reveal Your RandomBox

Before the Reveal: TBD
Please make sure you have MetaMask Wallet connected to OnePlanet
Please make sure you have a minimum amount of MATIC to pay gas fees
** If you are using OnePlanet on mobile, we strongly recommend you use MetaMask in- app browser. (Especially if you are using Android devices.)  How to use the MetaMask Mobile Browser

1. Connect Wallet on OnePlanet

For further instructions on connecting wallet, check our Guidemap page (Only MetaMask is available on OnePlanet now)

2. Go to Reveal Page

You can directly access the Reveal Page on Events Tab or by the following journeys:
Click a Carousel Banner on OnePlanet main page
Click an Event Banner on Randombox collection page
Click [Go to Reveal] button on NFT Detail Pages

3. Click [Reveal] button

On Available Items tab, you will have a list of RandomBox NFTs that can be revealed.
You can Reveal each item one at a time or reveal 10 items at once with Reveal 10 items button.

4. Confirm the Reveal

If you Confirm the Reveal, the NFT will be burned and a new NFT will be minted.
In order to get a revealed NFT, you should click “Collection Approval” on MetaMask. (This process only takes place once, requiring a few gas fees)
Now you have a TxHash for the new mint. (Reveal may take up to 10 mins to complete)
Congrats! You will receive a notification when it’s done.

5. Check your Profile Page

You can check the newly revealed NFTs on your profile page!
The mint can take up to 10 minutes, and you will see “Bringing from blockchain” sign when the mint is being processed.


Is Reveal only possible on OnePlanet?
Can you see the revealed NFTs on the other marketplace?
Can you reveal the Randombox all at once?
Until when you can do the Reveal?

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