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🌻 Sunflower Land Community Events are Now Live!

Planet Popper is a daily mission based reward program on OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon.

Planet Popper X Sunflower Land

A delightful pixel farming game has arrived: SUNFLOWER LAND!

Sunflower Land, filled with cute pixel art and rich content, is the new special guest on Planet Popper!
Never before has a project offered such diverse and abundant events.
Are you ready to explore the overflowing events and perks prepared for the Sunflower Land community?
Join now through the missions and enjoy the benefits of being a part of Sunflower Land as a Farmer!

What is Planet Popper?

Just simple 3 things -

Fulfill missions,

Pop Planets,

and Gain $MATIC!

Special events for Sunflower Land Farmers

 Sunflower Land Farmer Rewards Event

Reward 1. Bigger Entry Mission Rewards

Connect through Sunflower Land referral link here and PROVE that you’re a Sunflower Land Farmer!
Just click ‘Start now!’ button to verify your wallet address that you have played Sunflower Land game with.
7 planets will be given as rewards to the Sunflower Land Farmers who have gameplay history in Sunflower Land.

Reward 2. Milestone Rewards

Simply JOIN Planet Popper via Sunflower Land referral link here and finish the Entry mission. You are in the event automatically.
3 planets will be given to all participants the day after reaching key milestones. Please check your mission page or get noticed from OnePlanet X.
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
The event runs from Feb 22nd 2024 to Mar 20th 2024, so make sure to gather as many Farmers as possible within this period!
Earlier you join, the More $Rewards you will earn!
Notice 1
OnePlanet currently does not support (Sequence / WalletConnect / Bitget Wallet / Wallet)
To join the Planet Popper event, please use (Metamask / OKX Wallet / Phantom Wallet)
 Wallets Supported by Sunflower Land
 Available Wallets in Planet Popper
OKX Wallet
Phantom Wallet
Bitget Wallet
X Wallet
Notice 2
For those who have already joined Planet Popper missions before the Sunflower Land referral link opened, you may not see the mission banner at the top even when entering through the referral link.
In this case, feel free to reach out to the OnePlanet Help Center. We've got your share of Planets set aside, so no need to worry!

 Zero Fee Trading Event

If you've joined the Planet Popper mission at least once during the same week as making Sunflower Land NFT purchase, you can enjoy a 0% Creator Royalty and get a Marketplace Fees payback!
Event Period: Feb 22nd 2024 ~ Mar 20th 2024
To be eligible for these benefits, the purchased Sunflower Land NFT must belong to the following collections below:
Your mission participation record refreshes every Monday at 00:00 UTC. So, if you participated on a specific day of a week, you can get a fee payback for that week only. To unlock the benefit in another week, simply join the missions again!
The Creator Royalty for Sunflower Land NFT will be applied as 0% at time of purchase.
Marketplace Fee will be refunded to your wallet by the following Wednesday before 00:00 UTC.

 ’Find Bob’ Event

Anyone who (1) participated in Planet Popper missions at least once during the event period and (2) found our adorable planet friend 'Bob' in the Sunflower Land game will automatically enter the Lucky Draw Event.
 Prize: $2,000 $SFL (20 Users x $100 $SFL)
 Period: Feb 22nd 2024 ~ Mar 6th 2024
 Game Play:
Hints to find Bob
In the Sunflower Land game, you should collect 50 sunflowers after finding Bob!
A ‘shovel’ needed for them will be gained once you chop the trees and expand the land. Good luck!
Use the same wallet for completing Planet Popper missions and participating in the Sunflower Land game.
The more Planet Popper missions completed, the higher your chance to win.
The winner announcement will be on OnePlanet X.

How to join the Planet Popper mission

 Click ‘Start now!’ button to join the first check-in mission.

Depending on the access link, your first mission may vary.

 If you have successfully connected your wallet, you’ve completed the first mission! The planets come as a reward.

 Click ‘Get $MATIC’ button to pop the planets you have.

 Hit any button you feel like, and boom! The planet will reveal $MATIC and it’s accumulated to your MATIC bank.

 You are in! The whole mission list is now activated for your everyday joy. We've also added some special missions for you, so don't miss out!