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Planet Popper is a daily mission based reward program on OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon.

Planet Popper X TOWER

 Exciting News in Planet Popper World - New Missions for TOWER Game Unveiled!

Teaming up with our friend, we've cooked up some special game missions just for you.
And guess what? With more missions in the mix, it means a lot more $MATIC rewards waiting for you!
But that's not all – we've got an extra treat for our TOWER gamers.
Curious about the exclusive gifts waiting for you in the TOWER event?

What is Planet Popper?

Just simple 3 things -

Fulfill missions,

Pop Planets,

and Gain $MATIC!

What is the special event for TOWER Defenders?

Come celebrate OnePlanet x TOWER collaboration with the  'Defenders Assemble Event’!

TOWER Defenders, assemble! The more participants we have in the event, the bigger the rewards for everyone.
So, the more, the merrier!
The TOWER Event runs from Dec 14th 2023 to Jan 13th 2024, so make sure to gather as many Defenders as possible within this period!
Defenders grow stronger together. Join forces and let's make this event epic!
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each
+ 3 Planets each

How to join the event

 Visit OnePlanet x TOWER referral link and click on the 'Verify NFT Holder' button in the top mission banner to participate in the first NFT verification mission.

If you are not holding any NFTs from [TOWER Battle Cards] collection, you can start by purchasing an NFT from the [TOWER Battle Cards] collection to be given exclusive extra planets OR you can simply click ’Click here to join Planet Popper without NFT’ at the bottom.
Once you close the banner by clicking it, you will leave the referral link. For sure you can join the Planet Popper missions anytime, even if you choose not to verify the NFT.

 If you’ve successfully connected your wallet and proven yourself as an NFT holder, you’ve completed the first mission! The planets come as a reward.

 Click ‘Get $MATIC’ button to pop the planets you have.

 Hit any button you feel like, and boom! The planet will reveal $MATIC and it’s accumulated to your MATIC bank.

 You are in! The whole mission list is now activated for your everyday joy. We've also added some special missions for you, so don't miss out!

To participate in the 'Defenders Assemble Event,' you need to come in through the provided OnePlanet x TOWER referral link and complete the 'Verify NFT Holder' mission on that page.
The ‘Verify NFT Holder’ mission should be fulfilled within the period from Dec 14th 2023 to Jan 13th 2024.
After you complete the first referral mission, you can access all missions on the 'Mission List' by popping your first planet. At UTC 00:00 every day, daily missions will be reactivated after opening the Mission List.
For those who have previously completed Planet Popper missions, you may not see the mission banner at the top even when entering through the OnePlanet x TOWER referral link. In this case, feel free to reach out to the OnePlanet Help Center without hesitation. We've got your share of Planets set aside, so no need to worry!
As event rewards, Planets will be given to all participants the day after reaching key milestones based on the number of participants.