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🗼Tokyo Beast Giveaway Event

Planet Popper is a daily mission based reward program on OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon.

“Tokyo Beast” has landed on Planet Popper!

 Take a look at who’s arrived on Planet Popper: Tokyo Beast!

In the year 2124, where 'Human,' 'Replicant,' and 'Beast' coexist in Tokyo, what new experiences await us?
Dive deeper into the captivating world of this thrilling crypto-entertainment IP project.
Explore now with Tokyo Beast Special Missions on Planet Popper!
Not only explore the high-quality Tokyo Beast project, but also seize the chance to claim Planets.
But wait, there's more. Complete all special missions for a shot at an even more exciting event!

What is Planet Popper?

Just simple 3 things -

Fulfill missions,

Pop Planets,

and Gain $MATIC!

What is the special event for Tokyo Beast community?

Come celebrate OnePlanet x Tokyo Beast collaboration with the 'Tokyo Beast Giveaway Event’!

Users who complete all TB Special Missions and verify their completion during the event period will automatically enter this Giveaway Event for a chance to win $100 USDC.
Join now to become the lucky hero who snags this fortune!
Event Period
Participation: Jan 31st 2024 ~ Feb 11th 2024
Winner Announcement: Feb 13th 2024
To Be Qualified
 Follow @OnePlanet_NFT & @TOKYOBEAST_EN on X
 Complete all the 3 Tokyo Beast Missions on
 Reply to this post on X with a screenshot showing Tokyo Beast missions as 'Completed’

How to join the Planet Popper mission

 Click ‘Start now!’ button to join the first check-in mission.

Depending on the access link, such as a referral link through friend invitations, your first mission may vary.

 If you have successfully connected your wallet, you’ve completed the first mission! The planets come as a reward.

 Click ‘Get $MATIC’ button to pop the planets you have.

 Hit any button you feel like, and boom! The planet will reveal $MATIC and it’s accumulated to your MATIC bank.

 You are in! The whole mission list is now activated for your everyday joy. We've also added some special missions for you, so don't miss out!

Remember, you must meet all three conditions in the  To Be Qualified section to be eligible for the event! If any of the conditions are not met, please note that your entry will be disqualified.
The conditions should be fulfilled within the period from Jan 31st 2024 to Feb 11th 2024.
One lucky participant who fulfills all the entry requirements will be randomly selected, and the result of the draw will be announced on Feb 13th 2024. The fortunate winner of the draw will receive a prize of $100 USDC.
If you haven't embarked on the Planet Popper mission yet, check out the How to join the Planet Popper mission section. Complete the first mission and pop your first planet to access all missions on the 'Mission List’!