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👑 League of Kingdoms X Planet Popper

Planet Popper is a daily mission based reward program on OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon.

Welcome “League of Kingdoms” to Planet Popper!

 We're thrilled to have another fantastic guest on Planet Popper: League of Kingdoms!

Exciting new missions have been added to cheer on League of Kingdoms.
With more missions available, the number of planets and rewards you can earn just keeps growing! Hooray!
The lively collaboration between LOK and Planet Popper will continue for about a month.
To make this period even more enjoyable, we've prepared a special event.

What is Planet Popper?

Just simple 3 things -

Fulfill missions,

Pop Planets,

and Gain $MATIC!

What is the special event for LOK community?

Come celebrate OnePlanet x League of Kingdoms collaboration with the  '0% Royalty & Fees Event’!

If you've joined the Planet Popper mission at least once during the event period, you can enjoy a fee-free week for Creator Royalty and Platform Fees on your LOK NFT purchases!
Event Period: Dec 28th 2023 ~ Jan 28th 2024
To be eligible for these benefits, the purchased LOK NFT must belong to the following Target Collections:

How to join the Planet Popper mission

 Click ‘Start now!’ button to join the first check-in mission.

Depending on the access link, such as a referral link through friend invitations, your first mission may vary.

 If you have successfully connected your wallet, you’ve completed the first mission! The planets come as a reward.

 Click ‘Get $MATIC’ button to pop the planets you have.

 Hit any button you feel like, and boom! The planet will reveal $MATIC and it’s accumulated to your MATIC bank.

 You are in! The whole mission list is now activated for your everyday joy. We've also added some special missions for you, so don't miss out!

This exclusive benefit is available to all users who have participated in at least one Planet Popper mission during the period from Dec 28th 2023 to Jan 28th 2024. Note that mission participation records are updated every Monday at 00:00 UTC!
After you complete the first mission, you can access all missions on the 'Mission List' by popping your first planet. At UTC 00:00 every day, daily missions will be reactivated after opening the Mission List.
If you've participated in the Planet Popper mission at least once during the week, the Creator Royalty will be set at 0% when trading LOK NFTs in that same week.
If you've participated in the Planet Popper mission at least once during the week and buy a LOK NFT, the Platform Fee will be refunded to your wallet in the following week.