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Launchpad: Marketing Support

Website Feature  
Polygon Daily
Surfaceboard by Layer E
Polygon NFT Calendar
Sequel Trading Competition
OnePlanet offers various marketing supports for launchpad partners. Check out the details

 Wide Exposure on OnePlanet Website

Upcoming Banner (Pre-minting)
Once we agree to proceed with the launchpad, we can feature your project on our main page
Dedicated Launchpad Page (Pre / During-minting)
Your project will be featured on the customizable launchpad pages that offer space for storytelling. They will include details about the drop, the minting schedule, a countdown clock, and an NFT gallery.
Pre/During/Post launching stage
Add to Calendar CTA (Pre-minting Stage)
This allows for increased retention of minting users and improved conversion rates for potential users.
Feature on Carousel Banner (Pre / During / Post-minting)
The most effective touchpoint for your project to stand out! We will display your upcoming launchpad update prominently on our carousel banner.
Displaying for +5 days
Push Notification
All the users who connected their wallets to OnePlanet can get notified of the upcoming launch of your collection. It will direct to the collection detail page, so that users can explore more about your new collection.

Storytelling Across Various Channels

Twitter Push
We will post timely and informative content featuring your project
OnePlanet official channel will post 3+ tweets or RTs
AMA Twitter Space: “From Idea To Launchpad”
We host a dedicated AMA on our Twitter Spaces, featuring renowned guests like Dave Swinbank, and THE MATIC MAN. The agenda of the space will have 2 goals:
We conduct interview-style discussions with the founders to learn about the project's details and what makes it unique. Furthermore, we encourage our community to ask questions to promote trust and transparency when investing in the NFT project.
Medium Article: “Ready for Takeoff”
One of our ambassadors and KOL, speicherx, will write a dedicated editorial exploring your project and new collection. Through this in-depth article and an interview with your core team, readers will have an invaluable opportunity to gain deeper insight into your project and learn more about the specifics of your collection.
The article is published on OnePlanet Medium & @speicherx Twitter
Twitter Thread by @0xobsessed
One of our ambassadors, the renowned Polygon Degen @0xobsessed, will write a comprehensive thread about your project on his channel. He will also retweet major updates.
If the project's concept does not align with his personal brand, this content may be excluded.
Project Spotlight | Polygon NFT Calendar
We will showcase your collection on our subsidiary marketing channel, the Polygon NFT Calendar Twitter channel. This is a great opportunity to increase your collection's awareness within the Polygon NFT community.

 Various Media Placements

We feature our launchpad projects across various partners to increase our reach
Polygon Daily Best-in-class Twitter News featuring Polygon-dedicated updates (87K+ followers)
Surafaceboard by Layer E One-stop analytical tool for all things Polygon NFTs built by Layer E
Polygon NFT Calendar Calendar channel featuring the most interesting events within the Polygon NFT ecosystem

 OnePlanet Ambassadors

Influencers within the Polygon NFT community will help increase awareness of your projects within their respective specialties.
THE MATIC MAN (24K followers)
Narb (16.2K followers)
Dave Swinbank (31.6K followers)
0xobsessed (5.7K followers)
speicherx (35.7K followers)

 WL Marketing Support

Allowlist (WL) is a key funnel to increase engagement prior to minting. We can assist in distributing your WL spots to potential buyers in various types of events and sources.
WL Giveaway Event (on Spearmint, *optional)
We could set up a one-time WL campaign to distribute the allotments you will share. This event will help increase awareness of your project and social engagement
Help connecting with new partners for collabo (*optional)
*We can only assist in connecting with the projects. The decision regarding deal-making depends solely on the projects.
OnePlanet Community Program (on zealy, TBD)
We will distribute some WL spots to the leaderboard winners, who will be selected from our regular quest campaign on Zealy.

Trading Promotion

In addition to our NFT launchpad service, we also provide an NFT marketplace. This allows us to offer promotional opportunities in secondary trading and boost engagement with newly launched NFT collections.
The types of event schemes are determined based on discussion and can include:
Exclusive creator royalty discount
Trading competition (fee payback, NFT raffle, etc.)

 Partner Voucher

We have established connections with the best teams that can provide a wide range of useful tools & services designed to support the growth of your NFT project.
BrixLabs BrixLabs offers 3 tools for FREE to our Launchpad partners: Reward Bot / Discord Sales Tracker / Floor Price Tracker
Polygon Daily (Coin Wire) Coin Wire offers giveaways, sponsored articles, and other promotions.
W3W W3W provides end-to-end solutions that enable web3 projects to effectively manage wallet relationships.