🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

Making an offer on an NFT

1. Make an offer

Select an NFT or an NFT collection you want and click the “Make Offer” button. (You can make offers on NFTs that are not listed.)
When a modal appears, fill in the offer price and currency and set the offer expiry. After entering the details, click “Confirm” to settle your offer. If you don’t have sufficient balance, the “Confirm” button will be inactivated. You should top up your funds by clicking “Add Funds.”

2. Approve currency

The modal may require you to give permission to access your currencies if you are using USDC or wMATIC. You are not going to go through this process if you are making payments with MATIC. The process only takes place once and a little amount of gas fees are associated with this request.

3. Confirm offer

You will be prompted to confirm the offer in your wallet. This step will not require paying gas fees.

4. Checking Offer History

The history of the offers made will be visible on the NFT details page. An owner who seeks to sell the NFT at the offered price may accept the offer. You can view the status of the offer you have made at the “Ongoing” tab on My Page.
You can make an unlimited number of offers as long as there is a sufficient balance in your wallet. If your wallet does not have enough balance to cover the price of your offer, the offer will automatically become invalid activity and will not be displayed on OnePlanet. For more information regarding invalid activities, please look at our FAQ.