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How to Trade with $DOSE

About $DOSE

DOSE is an ERC-20 Fungible Token on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon networks. It is an acronym for the chemicals released when you exercise, like through gamified experiences such as Dustland Runner, and which make you feel good: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphin.
DOSE is the utility token of the OliveX fitness ecosystem. Players can earn DOSE in workout-based games Dustland Runner, and use it to unlock in-game items, purchase NFTs and participate in special events and game modes. In the future, players will also be able to use DOSE to purchase both real life and virtual apparel, memorabilia, or event and entertainment tickets offered by our fitness metaverse partners.


1/ Run Dustland missions to earn $DOSE and in-game crafting materials


2/ $DOSE and crafting materials are needed to craft Gear to earn more perks and grant access to unique game modes.


3/ Spend $DOSE to upgrade Gear for additional earning and perk bonus.

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 How to get $DOSE?

Play Dustland Runner and earn $DOSE token.
Tutorial video on how to swap $MATIC to $DOSE on QuickSwap.
Check CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko for trading pairs of $DOSE on various exchanges.



 About Dustland Runner

World's first move-and-own audio fitness blockchain game

In Dustland Runner, players follow a cleverly crafted story that unfolds like an audiobook, except it’s more than just a story. It’s also a fun, fast, inspiring audio adventure game that stimulates every player, or runner, to move at whatever pace suits them. It’s your fitness buddy and workout tracker, which rewards you for the distance that you run, jog or walk.

NFTs of Dustland Runner

The Floppy Disks are NFTs that serve as the crafting blueprints for higher level NFTs in Dustland Runner. The rarity is in the order of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
The boot is the first Gear in Dustland. The different rarity of Shoe will carry a different maximum Gear level and perks. Gear level impacts how much in-game DOSE a player can earn and the increment is not linear.

 How to Trade NFTs with $TOWER on OnePlanet?

OnePlanet supports trading of below Polygon collections exclusively with $DOSE Token.
The Dustland Collection (Kettlemine Postcard)
Dustland - Floppy Disk
Dustland Gear
The first marketplace where buying, selling and making offers are made possible with Dustland’s very own native utility token $DOSE.
Check out the detail how to trade on OnePlanet on our Guidemap


How to see $DOSE Token balance on OnePlanet?
Click Add Currency on Wallet Dropdown to add $DOSE token.
※ This is only for checking the balance on OnePlanet, and buying and selling NFTs with $DOSE does not require this process.
Do I have to pay gas fees with $DOSE?
No, the gas fees will be paid with $MATIC