🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

v. 2.6.0

FEATURE ’Reveal’ Function Updated
You can now Reveal RandomBox NFTS on OnePlanet that you’ve minted on our RandomBox Launchpad
The Ongoing Reveal Event on OnePlanet can be accessed through [Events] Page or Collection Detail Page’s top banner.
On the Reveal process, RandomBox NFT is burnt and new NFT will be minted. It may take up to 10 minutes until the new NFT is minted, and you will receive a noticiation informing this. Until the new mint is completed, you can check the NFT in a preview image on [My Page] ‘Collected’ tab.
When the new mint is complete, you will receive ‘Reveal Completed’ Notification. You can check the new minted NFT and its details on [My Page] ‘Collected’ Tab.
Check  DerbyStars RandomBox Collection where the Reveal event is live! (2022.12.20)
If you own DerbyStars RandomBox NFTs, you can reveal them here.
FEATURE ‘Events’ Page Open
[Events] Page has been created to view all the events on OnePlanet
On Events Page, you can see all the Live and Upcoming Giveaway, Reveal, or Trading Events on OnePlanet. Check out the page and join events of your favorite collections!