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How to Mint with $CVTX

On August 4th, you can finally mint the long-awaited Carrieverse Land NFTs, and of course, you can choose your favorite types of land based on your preferences. Moreover, these NFTs can be minted with $CVTX exclusively on OnePlanet! Learn more about Carrieverse Land and $CVTX to get ready for the mint
About $CVTX
$CVTX is an ERC-20 native token that enhances the experience in Carrieverse, a Lifelogging Playland Metaverse Platform, while also empowering its ecosystem.
About Carrieverse Land NFT
Land NFTs, with 3 different categories, allow you to own industrial, commercial, and residential facilities that form the foundation of the economic system within Carrieverse.
 Learn more about Carrieverse and $CVTX, including its token usage

 How to get $CVTX

You can upgrade your Land NFTs with $CVTX for value accrual in earning or exchange your profits from Land NFTs into $CVTX.
Check CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to find trading pairs of $CVTX on various exchanges
Mint Your Dream Land NFT!


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