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v. 2.8.2

FIXED When trying a Secondary transaction, Transaction Fail continuously happened
(12:17 UTC, Mar 11 ~ 11:48 UTC, Mar 13) During this period, there were transaction fail cases with all secondary transactions on OnePlanet marketplace
During a secondary contract’s version update, there was a collision with the previous version
Transaction Fail happened with the newest updated version of Listings or Buy Now / Accept Offer trials for the offer
A Secondary Contract version update issue resolved
All orders during the period are marked as ‘Invalid’. Invalid orders can be canceled at your choice on [My Page] - [Ongoing] tab. To prevent unintentional transactions, OnePlanet highly recommends users to immediately cancel Invalid orders unless there is a special reason.
Individual notifications were sent and 1 MATIC per order is compensated for all Invalid orders during the period. We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue might have brought to our users.
FIXED OnePlanet Marketplace page continuous reload issue
Intermittently, every page was reloaded continuously within OnePlanet Marketplace.
Due to the continuous reload issue, there were several cases where utility usage within the page and transactions were impossible.
The code inserted to solve trivial issues from the RainbowKit version internally used at OnePlanet did not perfectly read the status of wallets, and unintentional reloads happened continuously.
Updated RainbowKit to the latest version and revised the previous code.
Thank you to all OnePlanet users who reported issues in real-time. Every issue is checked and modified by OnePlanet team members. If there are any other issues, feel free to contact the OnePlanet team through Discord or Help Center.