🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

v. 2.4.0

FEATURE Multicurrency Integration
OnePlanet now supports trading with a project’s native tokens, along with our core currencies (MATIC / WMATIC / USDC)
Projects with their native tokens can either choose to allow trading with all the other core currencies, or only through their own tokens.
The details for updates are as follows.
‘Add Currency’ on OnePlanet Wallet Currency List: Add Currency button has been added to Wallet dropdown. When pressing Add Currency button, you can see full list of available token on OnePlanet other than core currencies. Add currencies to check the balance of the currencies you want on OnePlanet.
[Explore] Page - ‘Price Range’ & ‘Currency’ Filter Update: Along with the core currencies, all of tokens available on OnePlanet have been added to Price Range and Currency filter. You can search by the currency you want, and filter by setting the price range on certain currency.
TOWER Token’s NFT Collections supports trading with the project’s native token - $TOWER (2022.11.25)
TOWER Battle Cards and TOWER Treasury are only tradable with $TOWER
Check the tutorial for more details on trading with $TOWER.
FIXED Notification Badge Issue Fixed
The issue of constantly showing a red badge on the Notification icon although there is nothing to notify has been fixed.
FIXED List for Sale / Make Offer Token Select Issue Fixed
The issue of not showing the list of tokens when clicking token select dropdown menu while typing a price for listing or offering has been fixed.