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v. 2.9.0

FEATURE Coinbase Wallet Integrated
In addition to Metamask now available at OnePlanet, Coinbase is newly added alongside Metamask
Supported by the largest number of projects, Coinbase Wallet boasts excellent mobile compatibilty, an intuitive and comfortable UI.
With a large number of users already using Coinbase Wallet, the introduction of Coinbase Wallet makes it more convenient for users to choose the wallet they want.
FIXED Property filter not appearing on collection detail page
Issue: There was an issue of ‘Property’ filter temporarily not displayed, although it needed to be displayed at the top of Items tab when accessing the collection detail page.
Cause: During the process of updating the marketplace, filter display logic has been slighlty changed.
Solved: We have modified the filter display logic to be applied differently according to the requirements of each page.