🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

v. 2.13.0

NEW Notifications on Product Updates Delivered
Along with the updates to the shopping cart function, a new form of notification has been delivered to all users of OnePlanet
The yellow notification that appears at the top of the 'Notifications' window for a specific period is a "Product Update Notification," which is designed to quickly inform all users about important feature updates on the OnePlanet marketplace.
Clicking the "Learn more" button on the Product Update Notification will take you to the OnePlanet Release Notes page (which you are currently viewing!). On this page, you can find detailed information regarding newly updated features, bug fixes, and more.
OnePlanet is continuously updating new features to ensure that all users can use the OnePlanet Marketplace more conveniently and enjoyably. If you have any suggestions for features that would make your experience at OnePlanet even better, feel free to share them with us on Discord!