🗺️ Guide Map (ENG)

Listing NFT

1. Click “Sell”

View the “Collected” tab in My Page and select an NFT to list for sale. Click the “Sell” button in the NFT detail page.

2. Enter the listing information

Fill in details such as the currency, price and expiration period. After setting all the necessary information, click “Confirm”.

3. Approve Collection

This process is required for granting permission to acess your NFT collection. This process only takes place once for each NFT collection and the process may take a little amount of gas fees.

4. Confirm Listing

Lastly, confirm the listing in your wallet and finalize the settlement of the listing. The process does not require paying gas fees.

5. Listing Complete

If a buyer purchases the NFT at the price that you have fixed, you may receive the remaining proceeds excluding Platform fees and Creator Royalty from the buyer.
Visit My Page or NFT detail page to check the status of your listing.